Take advantage of our unique ability to customise the look of your watch for as little as $30.
Thanks to surface laser engraving, it is possible to place text, a graphic motif, or a stylised photograph on certain parts of the watch, this will make each watch an inimitable original

It is possible to engrave on practically any metal part of the watch without additional surface treatment (e.g., gold plating), on which there is no other engraved information from production. Typical engraving locations are the cover, the side of the casing, the crown and the bracelet clasp. Engraved text can be placed everywhere according to your wishes.

How to do it?

It’s quite simple:
1. If you’re interested in the service, check engraving in the product detail next to the “Add to cart” button.
2. In the last step of the shopping basket, you’ll be able to pre-define the engraving text.

After completing the purchase and paying the full amount for the watch and engraving to our bank account, we will contact you. Based on mutual consultation, we will send you an engraving design. Once you approve the design, we will process the engraving within three working days (if the watch you have chosen is in stock).

General terms of service:

1. Engraving
– The service is charged at $30 including VAT
– Engraved watches cannot be returned or replaced
– An advance payment to our bank account is required

2. Seller
– PlugWatches a luxury online store.

3. Buyer
– a self-emlployed or legal person who buys a watch on www.plugwatches.shop



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