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Choosing a watch is something most of us don’t do every day. On average, a person buys a new watch once every 3 to 5 years. 
To make choosing a new watch as easy as possible, we should answer a few basic questions before choosing.

How to choose For

A well-chosen watch should express a person’s personality. If we buy a watch for someone else, we have to think about their character, status and lifestyle. A wife or girlfriend with an eye for detail and a fondness for quality materials will not be too enthusiastic about a plastic case and stopwatch. For some, the weight and size of the watch or the material of the glass may be important. For individuals with narrow wrists, it is generally better to choose a watch with a smaller case diameter. On the contrary, extravagant people tend to reach for distinctive and imaginative watches. Therefore, always try to empathize with the person for whom you are choosing a watch.

What does he like, what accessories does he wear, is he more of a technical, social or sporty type?


When we are clear about who will wear the watch and where, we can be interested in the types of watches and the features associated with them.


• Dress watches (classic, business)

A representative watch suitable for company. Since this is one of the few men’s accessories, it should match the others (ring, tie, etc.). Emphasis is placed on detail, simple design and quality workmanship. Mineral glass and a lower degree of waterproofing will suffice. We should choose between a leather strap or a steel pull. We recommend only a leather version of the strap for the suit.

• Sports watch

Fishermen, divers, active athletes, trainers, but also people who often move in demanding, wet and dusty environments. Such users need to buy a properly
equipped watch. A high degree of water resistance (200m and more) and a sapphire crystal should be a matter of course. We can choose from a wide range of strap materials, but we do not recommend a leather strap for frequent contact with water. For individuals who work with time, a stopwatch
(chronograph) and a rotating bezel are nice additions. A compass may come in handy for hikers.

We can recommend watches to water lovers

Wenger Sea Force and to all soldiers Traser watch.

• Designer watch

A watch that is something interesting, distinctive and complements our appearance. Different materials, color combinations and interesting shapes. We often come across watches with larger diameters (more than 50mm) or with multiple dials. They are definitely not for everyone and are more often sought after by women. It then serves more as an accessory and the functions go by the wayside.

• All-day watch (universal)

Lately, we have been seeing our clients looking for a watch that can accompany them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So we usually recommend at
least a mineral glass with a sapphire finish to resist the ever-present possibility of scratches. Watches with a water resistance of 50m or more are best able to withstand daily contact with water (hand washing, showering, rain).

Among the very popular models are Seiko watches or the more affordable Wenger Commando.

Limited edition watch (unique)

Do you want a unique watch that no one around you will have? Then consider limited edition watches. Their big currency is also the fact that they increase in price over time.

Price range

Here we would dare to use the slogan “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap things”. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, buying a watch is not an everyday affair. Watches range in price at different levels. The best solution is usually a compromise, but don’t expect to pay a little extra for a more expensive model. Especially with watches for more demanding conditions, it pays off. After all, it is a watch that you will wear for several years.

Apparent details

Sklíčko hodinek

Mineral vs. Sapphire glass

When choosing a slide, it is important to think about the environment in which we move. Mineral glass reaches approximately the sixth degree of hardness on the Mohs scale. They are therefore absolutely sufficient for the office or a suit. The sapphire crystal is at position nine, so it can only be scratched by a
mineral of the same hardness and harder, which is only a diamond. The sought-after compromise is a mineral glass with a sapphire finish. It is mineral glass supplemented with a layer of synthetic sapphire.

However, if you know that the watch will be exposed to frequent impacts (during work, sports or in nature), we recommend choosing a mineral glass. It is more resistant to shattering than sapphire, and the only thing that detracts from its beauty is the occasional scratch.


Waterproof (water resistance)

We always advise our customers not to underestimate the water resistance of watches. There is nothing more unpleasant than finding a fogged or completely soaked watch. If you want to swim with the watch occasionally, look for a watch with a water resistance of 100m. If you will be diving with the watch, it is necessary to choose models with 200m and above. Watches with a lower level of water resistance (30m and 50m) should not come into contact with water much.


Types of straps

leather belt is a classic. At first it may seem too hard and inflexible, but over time it adapts to each hand. It is not advisable to soak it often and to preserve its properties it is good to take care of it. On the contrary, you can go anywhere with a steel pull. Shortening to the required length is a matter of a few minutes. For some, its weight can be a problem. The textile belt is very light, but not very resistant to mechanical damage.

Another option is rubber, silicone and rubber bands. They are suitable for water, light and comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, you won’t do much good with them in your chosen company. Although many brands already combine silicone straps (in black) with social watches.

So it also applies here – choose a strap according to the intended use of the watch (sport, company, casual wear).



A watch is not only a time indicator, but can also offer other functions. The basic one is the date, in some cases also showing the day of the week. We can measure time with a stopwatch (chronograph) and speed with a tachymeter. Many users will appreciate the alarm clock and some will also appreciate the compass.


Watch movement

In the case of a mechanical watch drive, we can choose between manual and automatic winding. More common and in many ways better is the battery drive – the so-called quartz. There is no need to wind the watch, you only need to replace the battery once every 2-3 years. The movement is more resistant to damage, more accurate and cheaper. An alternative is the solar drive, which pushes the power options even further.

But that does not change the fact that real connoisseurs will suffer for the soul of the watch. Only a mechanical / automatic movement is a true watch worth admiring. So, if you belong to this group, be sure to look in the automatic and mechanical watches section.

Where to shop

Definitely only at authorized dealers. You can recognize them by being listed on the dealer list at an authorized distributor of a particular brand. Only such a seller can guarantee you the originality, the required quality of the watch and the warranty associated with customer service. The company PLUGWATCHES is an authorized dealer and can thus provide you with maximum service and quality services.



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